Mission & Values

The Meridian mission is simple, straightforward, and guides all our efforts--

"We enrich the lives of our residents, families and employees through extraordinary experiences . . .
because Everyone Deserves A Great Life!"


There are eight core values of our Company:

  1. Integrity
    We will act honestly in all that we do, adhering to the highest principles by pursuing a commitment to do what is right.
  2. Care
    We will demonstrate a nurturing, empathetic, and loving attitude to others.
  3. Passion
    We will display an uncompromising intensity in serving our residents and families.
  4. Joy
    We will provide great delight and happiness by engaging our residents, families, and employees in the WOW! ExperienceTM.
  5. Loyalty
    We will be loyal to our employees, our residents, and our company.
  6. Respect
    We will respect the rights and dignity of all individuals.
  7. Accountability
    We will take responsibility for our actions.
  8. Excellence
    We will pursue excellence in processes, people, and procedures.