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7 Ways to Connect While Social Distancing

7 Ways to Connect Virtually with Your Loved One

Social Distancing doesn’t mean Social Isolation. It’s even more important now to keep in touch with your loved one while also staying safe. 

According to the 2013 edition of The United States of Aging Survey, conducted by the NCOA, UnitedHealthcare, and USA Today, U.S. adults 60 and over are motivated by a need for social connections with their families. More than half of the sample surveyed rank the significance of being close to their friends and family high. Moreover, 84% of the adults in the survey indicate technology is key to supporting these connections.

Want to share a grandchild’s painting, offer advice with a new recipe, or just say “I love you” while also staying safe? Today there are a plethora of technologies that support visual and audio communication. The following list describes seven different options.

  1. Facebook Messenger: Families can use their Facebook account to video chat over messenger with anyone else with a Facebook account.
  2. FaceTime: Families can make and receive video and audio calls from their iPhone, iPad, or Apple computer.
  3. Google Hangouts: Families can send messages or host group chats, video calls, or voice calls from their computer, smartphone, or laptop.
  4. Skype: Families can send messages and make video and audio calls from their computer, smartphone, or laptop.
  5. UberConference: Families can make video conferences and share screens from their computer or laptop.
  6. WhatsApp Messenger: Families must download the free messaging app on any smartphone and in order to video chat with others.
  7. Zoom: Families can make video conference calls for up to 100 people or more. All they need is an email to invite friends or family to the call.

Just because people are physically apart it doesn’t mean that they can’t maintain crucial relationships. With the support of technology, families can continue to share special moments, keep up to date with happenings, and spend quality time together with their loved ones.