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Four elderly women outside standing beside each other smiling.

Benefits of Socialization and More After Long Period of Isolation During Pandemic

After the pandemic, many families across the country have reunited with their older parents and discovered their cognitive and physical declines due to social inactivity. Many of these families face a decision to make a change in their loved one’s living circumstances to improve their well-being. 

Warning signs that a change may be considered include missing doctor appointments, an untidy house, outdated food, noticeable weight loss, forgetting to take medication, neglecting social appointments, mood changes, and mobility changes. The good news is that communal living in a Meridian Senior Living community provides the benefits of socialization, safety, stress-free living, active lifestyles, and eating well, all while still maintaining a strong commitment to sanitation and cleanliness. To support these vital connections, our communities are open for in-person visitation, tours, and events.

“We are ecstatic that our communities are moving forward to open their doors to new residents and offering a daily dose of interaction and engagement that is much-needed for seniors after being alone in their homes for over a year,” said Kacy Kang, President, and Chief Operations Officer. “Meridian communities are a great option for seniors and their families as they offer extraordinary experiences that enrich the lives of their residents, families, and employees.”

Studies show that socialization can reduce the risk of depression, increase physical activity, improve mood, and help you live better for longer. For seniors, living on one’s own or even with family may not offer the same independence and interaction as living amongst a community of peers. We foster this by offering a variety of social and activity programs led by a dedicated Life Enrichment Director; welcoming new residents through Ambassador Programs; enjoying new friendships at mealtimes and during scheduled outings, and providing common spaces for opportunities to interact with others. 

Assisted living and memory care residents benefit from having the convenience of access to care nearby when, and if, they need it with compassionate, dedicated staff on duty around the clock. Dedicated staff are trained to assist in daily support functions, such as bathing, dressing, medication management, and especially the ability to immediately respond to emergency situations.