Engaging Activity for the Memory Impaired

Take a few minutes to yourself and ask these few questions about your loved one:

• Past Occupation?
• Past Interests outside of work?
• Where is it that your loved one relaxes?

For some it may be their shop, or a favorite recliner, or in an office or outside in the yard. Those with memory impairment are lost in time and do not typically understand what comes next. We need to create an environment set up with cues. The more they understand what comes next or what is going on around them, the more comfortable they will feel.

We are going to share some ideas today which may work on some days and not on others. Our goal is to assist you to
find ways to engage your loved one into activities they have previously enjoyed yet are slightly modified to adapt to their present ability.


• Take a ride along the course in a golf cart – afterwards have a cold drink in the club house.
• Buy different colored golf balls and have them sort them by color or brand.
• View golf videos.
• Clean clubs.


Kitchen & Domestic Chores

• Washing vegetables, snapping beans, shucking corn, stemming berries, making a salad, making sandwiches.
• Any cleaning activity in kitchen including the silver.
• Folding – have baby clothes or dishtowels freshly dried with fabric sheets for folding
• Sorting Beans – have a bowl of red kidney beans & white beans, ask them to sort into mason jars by color.

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