Moments in Time … Features & Benefits

Staff Training – All staff receives any state required training/certification/licensing as well as our in-depth Moments in Time memory care training and are enrolled into our ongoing continuing education program. Our staff is well prepared to guide our residents through their day using these successful techniques based on past routines and interests of our residents.

Specialized Dining – Special consideration of past routines and preferences are taken into account as we create mealtimes that are socially engaging as well as nutritionally supportive. We serve our residents nutritious meals and snacks six times a day – it is the same 24-hour caloric intake count spread across six eating times, this gives our residents ample opportunity for nutrition and socialization through the day. We accommodate multiple therapeutic diets and have specialized dining programs created for the memory impaired.

Community Design – Our memory care environment is intentionally designed with areas to support success. Colors, design, lighting and pathways are all a part of assisting our residents in reaching their highest potential. Small group seating areas are similar to home, accommodating activities of home. Games, kitchen, visiting and allowing for privacy to engage as you would at home.

Health & Wellness – The Montessori-based Moments in Time is our delivery of care system and focuses on a holistic approach. We have licensed nurses on staff who are in communication with the resident’s physicians to provide and communicate how the resident is responding to their environment and any prescribed treatments or medications. Many physicians visit our residents in house. Our wellness programs are some of the very best out there for the memory impaired due to the holistic approach based on resident preferences.

Engagement – Our residents may not understand what comes next in their day, by providing structure based on their past routines, we can cue them to what comes next with familiarity. The Moments in Time program focuses on the resident’s strengths and long-term memory. Using a resident profile, we gather essential information to build a day based on that resident’s past routines and preferences.

Residents are engaged/guided throughout the day in areas of grooming, programming, meals and other essentials. If a resident’s past routine was to shower in the evening prior to dinner then that is how we would assist them now – if a resident went to bed at 9:30 p.m.each night at home and would read a scripture, then a caregiver would turn on a bedside lamp and open the Bible at 9:30 p.m., cueing the resident with their past routine. Supporting our residents to success is the Moments in Time goal – our program is known internationally and is one of the most successful memory care programs out there to assist the resident to live well within the framework of a long-term progressive disease.

Family Connections – We are committed to supporting family members, as we join families in caring for their loved ones. Caregiving takes a toll on relationships and our program reconnects family members to some of the things they may have relinquished due to the burdens of caregiving.
We offer support groups, educational outreach, and programs of interest for residents and families to enjoy together – leaving the tasks of caregiving to us while families engage differently with loved ones.

Most importantly, our staff serves residents – and families – with empathy, understanding and support.

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