Heritage Place Testimonials


Catherine M. Traylor: "I have been at Heritage Place 4 years now & have no complaints. Like every new resident you will get accustomed to the. In addition, it is located down town near several churches, & banks, drug stores & post office."

Nancy D. Berry: "It is like living in my own home and I don't have to get my meals and sleep!! It is a dream come true."

Celesta H. Lane: "Things I like about Heritage Place. I like may things about Heritage Place: -the transportation services, especially those to and from medical appointments and errand runs. -the transportation to and from church services and other activities. - the residents, some of whom are always available for "small talk.""

Dora Hettlinger: "The entire staff is very pleasant. Especially liked, the evening movies as the nights get long."
George W. Nelson: "The "house" staff is terrific. They are helpful, attentive and polite. The meals are always tasteful and well-served. The staff responds for our emergencies and are always available and helpful. I enjoy my apartment and have found members of the maintenance staff to be responsive as needed."

Maxwell: "I am living a happy time here with a lot of FINE PEOPLE"

Mary Edwards: "Heritage Place makes me feel comfortable. The staff seems to be concerned about you. That gives me a very good feeling. - Activities that I can participate in takes that lonely feeling away. So far I am happy here. - Transportation is very convenient."

Charlotte Lane: "I especially like our manager who is thoughtful, helpful and understanding of our needs. Great personality! I am very appreciative of those who service in any capacity. They are patient, professional, and accommodating, also courteous and pleasant in appearance."

Jean W. Rea: ""Life Can be Beautiful" and it is for me at Heritage. Have my own apt, delicious meals and maid service plus wonderful friends who could ask for more. We also have van service to go shopping and attend carious activities. - I love this place."

Mary (Pat) Stevenson: ? "Clerical 24 hour coverage ? housekeeping weekly -w/linens ? transportation/errand runs"

Kathleen Frisbie: "I am very pleased with Heritage Place. I tis clean and quiet. The food is good. The staff and residents are friendly."

Donald J. Fiorini: "All positive- staff if great-food excellent - resident are nice - house cleaning good - I enjoy staying here"

Roger Thornhill: 1. "Serenity & Kindness, qualities seniors expect to see 2. Offer to provide or accommodate asst or independent living conditions - personal car parking - free 3. Overall activity program outlines for seniors, trips etc 4. Complete cleanliness and security 5. Food services beyond reproach 6. Lastly, but not least an always accommodating staff & the scheduled errand runs *more than accommodating & believe unique in its entirety."