Dear Staff of Crystal Springs,

I would just like to take a moment to thank you for all the loving, kind and compassionate care that you provide for Mom on a daily basis. Mom first joined "your family" in independent living, she has since progressed to assisted care is now a resident in the Montessori Locked memory care unit. As a nurse, daughter and her former care taker, I was finding it very difficult to hand over her care. I am sure all families feel this way, you feel that no one will take care of your loved one as well as you would. I am happy to say that I felt comfortable with the care she received starting on day one. The staff helped to transition her (and me) beautifully. I find that Mom is always very happy, content and well cared for no matter what time of the day or evening that I pop in for a visit. I have noticed that when Mom does have the occasional outburst, the staff handle it very well through distraction or removing her to a quiet area. Mom very much enjoys all the activities and outings and is very fond of the staff involved in these areas She has made so many friends! You have made us both feel like we are a part of your family. You are an amazing group of people and I feel so Blessed and thankful for the care that ALL of you provide.

Many Thanks,

Sherrie - Family of Margaret

It became apparent to our family that our husband, father and grandfather needed additional assistance for his daily living care. After much prayer, visitations and consultations we made the decision to apply for care at Crystal Springs Living Center. It is a decision we have never regretted. I am amazed at how caring the staff is. The resident is definitely number one. They make him feel as though he is first in everything and their job second. He prefers the same breakfast every morning and everyday his favorite meal is served- just the way he likes it. The large variety of meals are always warm and attractively served on the plate. They are very tasty and please the eye and palette. He is very seldom lonely as the staff stops in periodically all day sometimes just to say hi. His room and clothing are always clean. He always has a fresh drink. Medical care is also available on sight including lab test and x-rays. If doesn't go to an activity an invitation and /or reminder is always extended. Crystal Springs Living Center is a Blessing to our family.

-Laurie Austof, wife of resident Jacob Austof