Life in a Senior Living Community

What is is life like living at a senior living community? Consider visiting friends living in one or take a tour. Feel free to contact any of our nearby communities for a visit on our Community Page.

Many ask questions about the quality of life in a senior living community. Here are some insights on common questions:

Will I lose my independence?

Our residents are empowered to live more independently while providing families with real peace of mind. We offer a spectrum of living solutions and our programs are personalized for our residents and their specific needs!  So whether it’s assistance with life’s daily activities, helping with mobility, coordinating care with their physicians, or making sure  look they look their best for one of our famous Meridian Senior Living events, we’re here to help – and WOW! – you!

Will my quality of life go down?

Some seniors are concerned that they may give up too much when they move into a senior community, but actually many residents report that their overall quality of life increase for seniors living in communities. Benefits include not having to worry about the upkeep of their home, having qualified 24 hour staff for medical assistance, enjoying healthy and delicious meals, and participating in an abundance of activities.

At Meridian Senior Living, we create senior living communities that empower residents to live well and thrive – mind, body and spirit. Our exciting entertainment programs, supportive services, nutrition and fitness programs, social opportunities and memory care all create a wellness-focused experience for residents.

Meridian Senior Living’s WOW! Experience is about passionate living. We infuse into every community, every interaction and every moment, the kind of energy, compassion, and delight that only springs from a foundation of committed and passionate people. The result? Retirement living that makes you say, WOW!”

Will I be lonely?

Meridian Senior Living communities focus on engaging and socially connected programs where residents thrive and discover new and unique experiences.  Our Life Enrichment Coordinators work with our residents and families to create a monthly calendar with diverse activities. We also encourage and facilitate our residents meeting on their own to enjoy and share their favorite hobbies and special interests.

Our communities offer social activities including: religious services, exercise, guest speakers, movie night, outings, board games, performances, Family Nights, and special events.


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