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Regency Palms Oxnard Recognized as Best Place to Work 2021

Regency Palms Oxnard Senior Living, a luxurious, newly-renovated senior living community in Oxnard, CA, is proud to announce that they have been recognized with Best Place to Work of the Year Award from West Ventura County Business Alliance (WVCBA), Chamber of Commerce serving Oxnard and Camarillo. The Best Place to Work Award is one of only eight categories of distinction as part of WVCBA’s 2021 Oxnard Community & Business Awards.

“We are honored to be recognized for this outstanding designation,” said Ken Mahler, Executive Director, Regency Palms Oxnard. “I couldn’t be more proud of our team and how they feel empowered and pride themselves in creating a welcoming and nurturing environment.”

WVCBA’s 2021 Oxnard Community & Business Awards honorees epitomize the best in Oxnard as nominated by citizens and subsequently chosen by the WVCBA Selection Committee on July 15, 2021. These exclusive awards honors individuals, business and organizations in Oxnard, CA. The Best Place to Work Award reflects a team that is dynamic and creates an exceptional work environment, which Regency Palms Oxnard provides with flying colors. 

Regency Palms Oxnard Senior Living team members support that they all are thrilled going to work every day in a supportive and enriching environment. The community regularly receives highly positive comments from their staff members like these: 

"At Regency Palms, you are made to feel appreciated, you are made to feel like you add value to the business. I have been treated with gifts, accolades and praise on a consistent basis. It makes me love what I do even more because the company I do it for cares and appreciates me."

"Every employee, including management, continuously shows interest in bettering the level of care provided with training and team building to ensure a great quality of life in a free, fun, loving home environment."

"Regency Palms gets to know you as a person and finds ways to show you they care about you based on your own interest or events occurring in your life. It's so refreshing to work for a company where you feel like you're not at work... you're home!"

There is no doubt the achievement of this award is based on leadership and team effort in creating a strong culture of teamwork, appreciation, and empowerment. A sincere expression of gratitude and appreciation is warranted to all staff members working tirelessly to help support and achieve the optimal working environment at Regency Palms Oxnard.

The Community & Business Awards including the Best Place to Work of the Year will be presented on Thursday, August 12, at 11:30 am at the Courtyard by Marriott in Oxnard. Interested attendees can register on WVCBA’s website.

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