Validation Method

At Meridian Senior Living, we use The Validation Method® to better understand and communicate with your loved one. Validation is a therapeutic communication technique that uses empathy to build trust, encourage emotional expression and meet basic human needs. Each of our memory care staff members receives initial and ongoing training in Validation principles and techniques, including competency testing, and is encouraged to use Validation in their interactions with residents.


• Helps our care partners remain relaxed and open to our residents’ ever-changing thoughts, feelings, requests and needs
• Teaches us to see the world from the resident’s perspective
• Helps us to understand and respond to the residents’ unmet needs
• Uses verbal techniques, such as asking open questions and rephrasing, to help residents who are verbal but struggle with overwhelming feelings they can’t handle alone
• Includes non-verbal techniques, such as music, touch, mirroring and eye contact, to communicate with people with dementia who can no longer speak
• Offers effective alternatives to aversive techniques such as reality orientation, redirection and “therapeutic” lies, which serve the caregiver’s needs rather than the resident’s
• Gives family members new options for understanding their loved one, communicating more freely and having pleasant, meaningful visits

We sometimes include information about Validation in our monthly Family Support Group and can also provide you with resources to help you develop your own ability to communicate in a positive way with your loved one, despite the progression of dementia.