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Ann Mastromonico, a resident at The Country House, shares her favorite recipes with the Head chef.

Autumnal Delicacies at The Country House

The below article was featured in The Yorktown News on page 12.

Anyone who has frequented the wonderful local fall fairs, has had the opportunity to experience foods which are seasonal, and only available for a limited amount of time.  Whether it is the sweet crisp bite of a freshly made candied apple, or the sugary delight of a mouthful of apple cider donuts, there is without doubt, special foods that make an appearance, and bring deliciousness to our tastebuds, during the autumn months.  

Some of the community restaurants delight in the flavors of the season, offering a change of menu that reflects the changing season.  Restaurant fare is replete with favorites such as butternut mac and cheese, whole roasted pumpkin, and a myriad of delicious fruit pies.  You can easily find pumpkin butter to accompany warm zucchini bread and many eateries are offering a glazed duck to celebrate the harvest season.  Even fast-food restaurants  embrace the fall, with the creation of indulgent pumpkin cookie butter shakes as well as pumpkin cream cold brew and pumpkin spice signature latte.  

At the Country House in Westchester, an assisted living residence in Yorktown Heights, Maria Del Ciampo, Director of Culinary Design, oversees the development of new seasonal recipes, which are often inspired by the residents themselves.  Most recently, the residents were gobbling up (no pun intended) homemade pumpkin bread with delicious apple cider.  Some of the new recipes for this autumn season include a wonderful herb crusted pork roast with a thick port wine sauce and a garlic bread spaghetti carbonara.  Ann Mastromonaco, a resident at The Country House, has shared some of her most wonderful recipes with the head chef.   When the weather begins to chill, one of her favorite meals to prepare is Minestra con Prosciutto.  According to Ann, the recipe  requires the inclusion of the bone of the meat, which is apparently difficult to procure.  Even without the bone, The Country House chef is eager to prepare this dish with Ann’s   tutelage.  The simmering combination of prosciutto, ham, escarole (and some secret spices), is a welcoming, mouth-watering combination of flavors and one which everyone at this community will have the opportunity to enjoy.  And for those individuals who are not as adventuresome with their palette, there is always the option for basic American fare, including good old apple pie. 



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