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Resident holding baseball

Baseball Fever at The Country House

The below article was featured in The Yourktown News on Page 27.

Rogers Hornsby, a baseball icon, once said, “People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”  It is not only this infielder, who started his memorable baseball career in 1915, that eagerly awaited the arrival of spring training.   Thousands of baseball fans each spring embrace the new baseball season with a renewed optimism that this year, their team will win the world series.  And, the oodles of baseball fans that envelop our society are some of the most enthusiastic and passionate fans around. They follow their favorite teams with admiration and yes, even participate in some sideline coaching from their living room couches.

Whether one dons their cleats and heads out to the baseball diamond for some amateur play or heads out to the stadium to watch favorite players while enjoying some delicious ballpark franks, baseball continues to be a popular form of entertainment for many, many enthusiasts.  The young and the young at heart enjoy baseball.   At The Country House in Westchester, an assisted living community, there are a plethora of die-hard Mets and Yankees fans. One of the residents, Kurth Nelson, explained that he always enjoyed playing baseball when he was younger as well as rejoicing when taken to a Yankees game.   He continues to follow his favorite team and derives much pleasure seeing his Yankees win.   Another resident, Arthur Covey, who is an avid Mets fan, exchanged bits of trivia with me about the 69 Mets.  He reminisced about Swaboda’s great catch in the field during the 69 World Series, while I told him about my fondness for the infield acumen of Bud Harrelson.  Arthur loved the Mets from years ago and continues to love them, follow them, and cheer for them, today.  When I spoke with resident James Daly about baseball, he informed me that he really doesn’t care too much about his Yankees anymore…as long as they win.  

It is said that baseball is America’s favorite pastime.  I can’t speak for America, but I am convinced that in The Country House community, there are plenty of eager baseball fans, just waiting and yearning for the season to begin. Let’s go Yankees!!  Let’s go Mets!! 


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