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Dorothy Hillis, an avid birdwatcher, catches a glimpse of  a magnificent blue jay perched on a tree branch at The Country House.

Birdwatching at The Country House

The below article was featured in The North Salem News on Page 14.

Birds are ubiquitous creatures that bring color, sweet chirps, and a slice of nature for everyone to enjoy.  With over 10,000 different species, these ancient creatures, descendants of the dinosaurs, offer an array of plumage, patterns and unique vocalizations that make the art of birdwatching a fun, educational, and intriguing pastime.

There are a myriad of reasons why birdwatching has gradually increased in popularity, especially for the young at heart.  For starters, it is a welcome excuse to go outdoors.  Sitting outside and patiently wait to see brightly colored cardinals perch on nearby branches, or tiny, flitting hummingbirds making their way to flowering shrubs is like watching a nature movie in real time.   And, just walking around and moving about, inhaling fresh air, is certainly good for your physical and emotional wellbeing.  Mostly, birdwatching brings satisfaction and pleasure to those who even dabble in this beautiful spectator sport. 

One of the most wonderful places to birdwatch, is at The Country House in Westchester, an assisted living community, which is surrounded by nature’s beauty.  Many types of wildlife abound, but birds of all species frequent the plentiful birdhouses here.  Some of the residents have developed a keen interest in bird watching, and in the process, have become quite knowledgeable about the distinctive characteristics of these beautiful creatures of nature. Dorothy Hillis, one of our amateur ornithologists, takes great delight in watching and waiting to see which birds come for a visit.  She has recently enjoyed the chickadees swarming the bright purple azalea bush and witnessed huge black crows circling overhead.  Dorothy grew up near the Bronx Botanical gardens and as an adult, resided near the Brooklyn Botanical gardens.  Living at The Country House, surrounded by colorful flora and graceful birds, is a beautiful reminder for her of nature’s treasures, which have always been a part of her life.  Birds are ambassadors of the living world and as the Spring unfolds into summer, Dorothy  eagerly awaits  visits from these welcomed guests.



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