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Chef serving food from a pan to a plate

Five Star Dining Experience at The Country House

The below article was featured in The Yorktown News on page 12.

Maybe it is the seductive aroma of a juicy steak, or the feeling of delight when the nostrils detect a delicious smell, or even the radiating satisfaction of having eaten a scrumptious meal-but whatever the reaction, there is no debating that food is more than just bodily sustenance. Food can change a mood, evoke a smile, and inspire the uninspired. The pleasure of eating a delicious meal can have a deliriously positive effect on anyone, synergizing satisfaction, and delight.

It is unfortunate that so many residents of nursing homes, assisted living residences and other institutional settings are denied this proverbial spice of life. Cooking for the masses traditionally consist of unappealing meat, watered-down sauces, and uncreative staples. But luckily, this is not always the case.

The dining experience at The Country House, an assisted living community in Yorktown Heights, NY, has become an exciting focal point for residents. Under the direction of Maria DelCiampo, a professional chef, the kitchen is replete with fantastic recipes, fresh ingredients, and immense creativity and cooking prowess. The menus continue to change and food preparation and presentation continue to evolve. Eggplant rollatini with penne a la vodka has become a favorite food for residents at The Country House, who are lucky to enjoy a five-star dining experience each and every day. 

Chef maria smiling


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