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Aging isn’t something we are always prepared for in our loved one or in ourselves. Focusing on overall wellness and happiness, being more knowledgeable about our situation or condition, and finding the best solution or best “fit” for our care is important to improve quality of life and manage expectations.

As a caregiver, your journey looks a little different depending on the health of your loved one. Sometimes you have to make the best decision you can in a very short amount of time. Sometimes you have time to research and ask more questions.

We’ve created on our blog what we hope will be valuable articles and resources to address some frequently asked questions about senior living. For more specific questions about community offerings, visit our Amenities page or contact the community.

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Choosing the right community for yourself or a loved one can be a challenging process. Finding ways to pay for the right community shouldn’t have to be.

While Worthington Manor is not providing you financial advice, we can help you become aware of the financial resources and options available.*

*This information is provided to help you become aware of resources and is not considered advice and is not guaranteed to be accurate or current information. Please seek out the specific resources to get up to date information that may be an option for you.

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