Affording Care

Affording Care

Financial Resources

Making a decision about the right community for your loved one is a tough process. It also can be challenging to put a price on quality care.

Meridian Senior Living can help you learn the many options and resources so you can have assurance about the ability to afford the senior living care that you need.

Here are some resources to help you guide through the journey:

Can I Afford It?

To simplify your move to one of our communities, we offer a number of financial resources. Whether you need time to sell a home for the best possible price, are waiting for veterans benefits to arrive, or simply prefer the convenience and flexibility of smaller monthly payments, we can help you access the senior living lifestyle you want and deserve. Contact the Meridian Senior Living community nearest you at our Community Page and speak to one of our team members.

Cost of Living Calculator

The first step to determining how much you can afford is to determine how much you already spend. Use our Cost of Living Calculator worksheet to guide you. Click here to download.

Life Insurance Conversion

Converting a life insurance policy can help you pay for long-term care or senior housing. Funds are deposited into a long-term care benefit account that makes automatic monthly payments directly to a Meridian Senior Living community. The payment plan is flexible and can be adjusted as your needs change. There are no fees, and once enrolled you are no longer responsible for premium payments. The process is quick, with benefit payments starting in as little time as 30 days. A long-term care benefit plan for senior living and assisted living costs can be tax-advantaged and is both a Medicaid-qualified spend-down and a VA qualified spend-down.

Veterans' Benefits (VA)

A great majority of potential residents that visit our communities are unaware they have veterans' benefits for assisted living care, ancillary services, adaptive devices, medications, support groups, transportation and much more. Even veterans who are aware of some assisted living benefits, seem to know only a fraction of the benefits and privileges available to them. Meridian Senior Living has a network of local and national third-party VA benefit experts who help residents and their families navigate through the complex maze, often proving room and board assistance and ancillary services far beyond the residents’ expectations. Contact the Meridian Senior Living community nearest you.

Click here to learn more about Aid and Attendance benefits for wartime veterans. For more information on what is available to you as a veteran, a company like Veterans Financial could be helpful.

Federal Aid

Medicare Advantage