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Make Long-lasting Friendships When Living at a Senior Living Community

Families have always wanted to prioritize the health, safety, and well-being of their loved ones when considering senior living options. The importance of friendships, featured in this article, is Reason #2 of our Five Reasons to Join Senior Living Blog Series.

Studies show that socialization can reduce the risk of depression, increase physical activity, improve mood, and help you live better for longer. For seniors, living on one’s own or even with family may not offer the same independence and interaction as living amongst a community of peers. Choosing to join a senior living community presents more opportunities to engage with others and create new friendships.

How do we foster socialization among residents?

Warm Welcome
Transitioning to a long-term community can be exciting; however, for some seniors, those first weeks can be daunting too, as they navigate their new environment and find their fit within established social groups. Understanding the emotions involved, we have developed creative ways to welcome new residents and ease their transition. Many Meridian communities offer the Resident Ambassador Program which partners new residents with established Ambassador residents. To encourage friendships, new residents are matched with ambassadors who share similar backgrounds and passions. During the first five days, an ambassador will invite the new resident to attend events, meals, and perhaps a welcome tea. 

Activity Programs
Our dedicated Life Enrichment Coordinators create exciting experiences based on the likes and dislikes of residents. Meeting other seniors who have similar interests lays the groundwork for great bonds and supports a healthy lifestyle. A full array of robust social events and scheduled activities such as fitness programs, social outings, happy hours, live music, art classes, educational lectures, and language classes, keep residents engaged daily with others.

Our goal is to provide an optimal environment for fostering friendships among residents. Designed with the resident in mind, we offer bright common spaces, fresh outdoor nooks and courtyards, and shared dining rooms. These common spaces attract impromptu get-togethers and bring plenty of opportunities for residents to mingle with others. 


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