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Opportunities to Stay Active While Living at a Senior Living Community

Enjoy active living! In these times of social distancing, seniors are seeking ways to be active, safe, and healthy. Staying active, featured in this article, is Reason #4 of of our Five Reasons to Join Senior Living Blog Series.

Engaging in daily activities is healthy at any age. Studies show that older adults who participate in any exercise tend to live longer, reduce the risk of contracting disease, and developing disabilities, even if they start between the ages of 70 and 85. For seniors, living on their own may not offer the same opportunities or motivation to get active as living in a community of peers with designated activity spaces and scheduled activities. Choosing to join a senior living community presents more opportunities for seniors to get active and engaged with whole-body wellness programs.

Residents can enjoy active living that includes daily engagement and social activities supporting complete whole-body wellness that meets mental, physical, and psychosocial needs. Dedicated Life Engagement Coordinators work with residents to develop activity calendars that are personalized to complement residents’ interests and needs so they can live life their own way. It is important to offer a wide range of opportunities to nurture new friendships, learn new things, have fun, and stay healthy.

Our Life Enrichment programming encompasses the following five core areas:

Being physically active is healthy at any age. Residents benefit from not only the variety of scheduled activities but also by living with a community of connected peers that act as motivation. Facilitated by the Life Engagement Coordinator, fitness and exercise classes are specifically tailored to meet the physical needs of seniors and focus on endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. Residents enjoy exercise classes such as stretch and strength, yoga, dance, Sit and Fit, and walking club.

Revolution In Motion™, available in select communities, is a movement program that increases agility, decreases fall risk, and increases cognitive function.

Performing activities that stimulate the mind can help preserve and even improve cognitive function in seniors.  It is important to offer lifelong learning programs that provide new opportunities for residents to chart their own experiences, explore different hobbies and rediscover old interests. Lifelong learning program example activities include foreign language classes, history clubs, guest speakers, book clubs, discussion and debates, outings to local cultural sites, music appreciation, and technology courses. Other brain-stimulating activities include chess games, bridge, mahjong, Scrabble, documentaries, and trivia.

We understand the importance of fulfilling spiritual needs. For those who want religious opportunities, weekly or monthly service offerings of varying belief systems are held in designated spaces. With whole-body wellness in mind, mindfulness activities including meditation and yoga are readily available.

Studies show that seniors who are socially engaged are healthier and live longer. Dedicated Life Enrichment Coordinators plan social events that are varied, exciting, and fun, to connect residents. Such events include live entertainment, films, and various social excursions to local attractions. Our Life Enrichment Coordinators also take advantage of their culinary teams to ensure exciting events, such as wine tastings, happy hours, and international food nights, are featured as well. By offering a range of activities such as crafts, baking, gardening, art, and music, opportunities for socialization are plentiful.

Multigenerational Connections
Studies show that multigenerational activities benefit all age groups. For seniors, some benefits include improved memory performance and experiencing fewer falls. Recognizing the importance of multigenerational programs, our staff members partner with local community organizations to organize activities such as youth music and dance performances, holiday open houses that cater to children, and student leadership programs. 


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