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Picking the Perfect Home for Mom: 5 Key Questions to Consider

Finding an assisted living facility for a loved one can be a daunting task, and at our community, we’re always putting ourselves in the shoes of residents’ family members. You’re looking for a fun, safe, interesting community that meets your specific needs. We’ve created a quick guide with some key questions you should ask that will help make your search for the perfect community a little smoother.

1. What kind of on-site medical care is available?
Staff members are the backbone of any assisted living community. Be sure to check out the ratio of certified nursing assistants and licensed nurse practitioners per resident and prioritize communities that have in-facility access to 24/7 nursing services. 

2. How’s the location?
No senior wants to suddenly leave where they raised their family. Close proximity to familiar shopping, dining and arts venues within their own city will help ease the transition into assisted living.

3. Is the facility up to date with the latest advancements in senior care?
Healthy aging requires a holistic treatment plan. The right assisted living community will offer programs that are on the cutting edge of wellness techniques, giving patients the benefit of everything from tai chi to music therapy. 

4. Are residents maintaining their independence?
Group activities and socialization lead to healthy minds and independent lives. Outings to cultural attractions, different clubs for all interests, and resident councils are a great way for seniors to keep their independence. 

5. Is it a welcoming, inclusive community where all residents feel safe and loved?
Every parent deserves a welcoming, safe setting that they can call home. It’s essential to check if the community delivers and trains staff on culturally competent care. Our community is inclusive and welcomes residents regardless of sexual preference, religion, and race. In memory care, our hallmark therapy Validation is based on understanding and respect without judgment.

We know it can be hard to know where to start when looking for the right assisted living community. These questions will help make the process easier by ensuring Mom finds a new home that is right for her. Contact us today to learn more about finding care that works for your mom. We’re here for you!

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