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Six Misconceptions About Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are wonderful options for many seniors. The services and amenities provided allow residents to have a comfortable, worry-free lifestyle that is typically more independent than life at a nursing home. Every type of facility; however, offers different benefits and varied levels of care, so it’s important to be able to distinguish between them.

Assisted living gives seniors the individualized support needed to maintain their independent, active lives. Aid with daily activities, doctor’s appointment coordination and a full schedule of clubs and outings are all things that seniors benefit from at an assisted living community. The right assisted living community truly becomes a new home for its residents. To help you find all the facts when choosing a community for yourself or a loved one, we have broken down six of the most common misconceptions.

1. With no serious health problems, there is no reason to enter assisted living

Assisted living in not only for seniors who need extra medical attention. Wellness classes, group activities and cultural excursions are a great way to keep the mind and body sharp through the aging process. Should any issues occur, dedicated staff are available to assist with help needed along the way. Some facilities provide in-house physical therapy and around the clock nursing care, just in case. Many of our residents here at Chevy Chase House choose our community not because they need extra medical attention, but because they want to join the group of peers who make up our distinctive, vibrant community.

2. Moving into an assisted living facility means a loss of autonomy

Assisted living provides just the right amount of support to allow our residents to live full, independent lives. This support includes housekeeping, laundry, maintenance and transportation services, in addition to medical help when needed. By taking care of the most basic needs for our residents, they have more time to fill their days with activities they enjoy. Residents are free to come and go, receive visitors and enjoy life on their own terms.

3. I owe it to my parents to have them live with me

Although it may feel like a selfish choice to suggest assisted living to your parents, this perception could not be further from the truth. Trained professionals will give the best assistance possible and all residents have access to 24/7 support. At an assisted living community, your parent will be surrounded by peers and gain access to social opportunities that do not exist anywhere else.

4. The food is bad

Although it may seem trivial, many seniors who are used to preparing their own meals can be hesitant to move to assisted living. Residents will be in for a pleasant surprise, however, when they see how varied and tasty meals can be. Not only will their meals be delicious but are carefully planned to fulfill the unique nutritional needs of each resident. Besides the food, a communal dining experience is a great chance to meet new friends. At Chevy Chase House, our culinary team and award-winning executive chef prepare three varied meals a day that are tailored to all special dietary accommodations needed.

5. Assisted living is simply too costly

Many families are concerned with expense when considering moving their loved one to an assisted living facility. Although the cost may seem high at first, it is important to take stock of all current monthly expenses and caretaking costs already being paid. Is a family member missing work to provide support or is a nursing assistant providing in-home care? Will Mom need a chair lift soon, or shower grab bars? With assisted living, there will be no unexpected costs involved with adapting to the aging process.

6. It won’t feel like home

Moving is never easy, but the right assisted living community will feel like home. Many facilities allow residents to bring their own furniture and decorations to make the room truly theirs - family photos and all! Finding an assisted living community located in the same neighborhood is a helpful way to ease the transition as well. Access to the stores, libraries and restaurants that your parents have always visited will be a welcome addition to their new home.

Deciding if assisted living is right for you and your family is never an easy choice. It is important to get clear on all the facts to understand all that assisted living has to offer, and to find the right community for your loved one.

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