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Communities Nearing Normalcy with COVID-19 Vaccine Participation

While it has been a challenging journey navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, the ticket towards normalcy is finally here for Meridian Senior Living communities as all have successfully completed at least two COVID-19 vaccine clinics to inoculate many of their residents and staff members. To distribute and administer the COVID-19 vaccine in all of its more than 75 communities, our communities partnered with CVS, Walgreens, and local pharmacies through the U.S. Government’s Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program. 

These vaccination clinics represent a light at the end of the tunnel where residents and families are overjoyed to be able to finally reunite in person. As of March 18, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that about 116 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered so far in the United States. Furthermore, the cases across the nation continue to decline to substantially more than half since January 2021. With these figures, government health authorities have relaxed their restrictions with states reopening up long-term care facilities to support family visitations.  

“As our communities have reopened for visitation, residents, and families are beyond ecstatic that they can now come together safely,” said Kevin Carlin, Principal and Chief Sales Officer of Meridian Senior Living. “We are thrilled to see the emotional reunions as they can hug one another again.”

The vaccine is also life-changing news for today’s families who are navigating a changing landscape and focused on the health, safety, and well-being of their aging parents when considering senior living options. In these times of isolation, residents benefit from the medical, mental, physical, nutritional, and psychosocial support that communal living provides. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for residents and staff members by helping new residents and staff members access the COVID-19 vaccine. Many communities are scheduling subsequent in-house vaccine clinics or working with local pharmacies in setting up remote vaccination clinics with our residents and employees on priority status. Additionally, communities are working diligently to help new residents schedule vaccine appointments and provide them with transportation as needed.

Rolling up sleeves and administering the vaccine is just one effective tool in fighting COVID-19. Our communities will continue to implement safety best practices, policies, and procedures including strict infection protocols, staff training and education, testing, and adhering to relevant guidelines established by government health authorities.

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