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Meridian Senior Living to Host First Virtual Resource Series Event for 2022

Meridian Senior Living is hosting its Virtual Resource Series panel of experts with Validation First World Congress: Celebrating 40 Years of Empathy and Defining the Future on February 15. The Meridian Virtual Resource Series is a quarterly presentation program dedicated to providing important, relevant information to family members and seniors. With foundations of success gained from last years’ Virtual Resource Series, Meridian vigorously introduces 2022 with this first expert-rich panel event that is free and open to the public.

Hosted by The Validation Training Institute, this first-ever Validation First World Congress will take place on February 15, 2022, from 12:00 – 4:00 PM ET. Caregivers and seniors can register now for Validation First World Congress here.

“We are so proud of our collaboration with Ms. Naomi Feil in educating our team members and associate businesses with Validation to create a much higher quality of life for our memory care residents. It is profoundly rewarding to support the first Validation World Congress,” said Kevin Carlin, Validation Training Institute board member, Principal and Chief Sales and Culture Officer at Meridian Senior Living. “Attending this powerful presentation is a rare opportunity to learn practical and impactful resources from experts who are changing the world for caregivers and those suffering from dementia.”

The Validation First World Congress presentation consists of three one-hour sessions led by a total of eleven expert speakers from the United States and Europe. Attendees will learn about the basic elements of the Validation method, achievements of Validation in practice today, and what innovations to expect for the future of utilizing Validation.

The first session: Innovations of the Past and Celebrating Success will feature the history of Validation, how to integrate into caregiving, and how it can benefit caregivers and affected individuals alike. Featured speakers include:

  • Naomi Feil, Validation method founder, will share an overview of Validation as a change-maker in the field with its dignity and respect centric solution.
  • Vicki de Klerk Rubin, Validation Training Institute Executive Director, will present an overview of Validation innovations. 
  • Hedwig Neu, Validation Master / Teacher, Head of the “Authorized Center for Validation” (AVO), Diakonsissen Speyer in Germany, will discuss the accomplishments in how the AVO has helped staff and seniors live better lives over the last 20 years.

Kevin Carlin, Validation Training Institute board member, Principal and Chief Sales and Culture Officer at Meridian Senior Living, will moderate the second session: Inspiring Stories. In this session, participants will learn the magnitude Validation has had on peoples’ lives through personal accounts illustrated by the expert panel. Featured panelists include:

  • Scott Averill, CEO, Brookside and Wellsville Retirement Communities, will outline successes in integrating Validation in group work in senior living communities over the past 20 years.
  • Chris Bryne, Caregiver, will tell his accounts on how Validation transformed his interaction and strengthened the bond with his father.
  • Odile LaVault, Memory Care Educator, will speak about how she has creatively utilized Validation in new ways in her work as an occupational therapist and Validation Teacher in senior living communities.
  • Heather Easterling, Sr. Director of Engagement and Program Services, Sunrise Senior Living, will share how Validation has made a difference in how residential communities care for seniors and make it easier for staff members to deliver quality care.

Innovation for the Future, the third and last hour session, will cover the future innovations piece of Validation.  Validation continues its legacy of being a leader in the memory care field by embracing innovative concepts that will change how caregivers will interact with and help older adults with dementia live fuller lives.

  • Rita Altman, Validation Training Institute Board Member, Sunrise Advisor, Memory Care at Sunrise Senior Living, will contribute her perspective on the importance of embracing the innovations that Validation provides. 
  • Dr. Fiona Kerr, Founder and CEO at the NeuroTech Institute, will review how innovations in Validations will impact the brain and its biological effects.
  • Dr. LaDon Jones, Academic Director for the Graduate Program in Health Administration at National University, will present initial results of a revolutionary study, conducted by National University in San Diego and Meridian Senior Living, that explores the effect of music on mood.

“We are excited to kick-start our Meridian virtual Resource Series in 2022 with The Validation World Congress,” said Sue Johnston, VP Program Development, Meridian Senior Living. “Validation experts will share more than 40 years’ worth of their work in addition to other expert speakers.  I encourage those faced with struggles caused by dementia in their lives to register now to take advantage of this groundbreaking event.”

All presentations in the Meridian Virtual Resource Series are open and free to the public with registration. Register here to attend the Validation First World Congress on February 15th at 12:00PM ET. By participating in this presentation, professionals can earn up to 3 free NAB, NCCAP, NCCDP, and / or NCTRC CEUs. 

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