Memory Care

Artwork that some of our Memory Care residents created in Art Therapy: The "Memories with the Arts" program. These landscapes will be hung in their community dining room "art gallery". Art therapy provides seniors with a creative outlet to express emotions, cope with pain and stress, and have fun in a health care setting. Our Art Therapy Program recognizes the healing value of art and artistic traditions. By applying special knowledge of human development and psychology, clinical practice, and spiritual and cultural customs, we help seniors and their families deal with the impact of complex medical conditions on their lives.

Making Life Better Every Day… For Every Resident…
In Every Way We Can… Is What We're All About.

Our residents know — and we understand — this is their home. Our job is to make it the most comfortable, secure, and enjoyable home possible. We are privileged guests, with the opportunity to serve, protect, and enrich the lives of some very special individuals. We take that privilege very seriously.

"Our Memory Care Philosophy"

For those with Alzheimer's and memory care needs, we follow a simple approach:

Make Every Day Special

Making every day special can mean a lifetime of happiness for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s or another form of memory-robbing dementia. Each of our trained caregivers is committed to making each day with a resident in our memory care wing special.

Of course, philosophies without actions are just words on a page. That’s why you are cordially invited to visit us. See, hear, smell, taste, experience our philosophy in action.

  • See it in our Smiles.
  • Hear it in our Voices.
  • Smell it in the Cleanliness of our Rooms and Building.
  • Taste it in our Lovingly Prepared Meals.
  • Experience it in our Atmosphere of Care.

Moments In Time Montessori Program

Meridian Senior Livings Moments in Time Montessori based memory care program is designed to capture our residents’ special moments in any given time, to validate and allow purposeful living while interacting positively within their environment allowing them to function at their highest level. This is accomplished through the five directional paths of our Moments in Time program. Each directional path has the resident and family in mind to encourage independence and helps deal with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias.

Family connection path in the Moments in Time Montessori program focus on the well-being of our families through social gatherings, volunteer opportunities, support and education

Health and wellness path is developed around person-centered care unique to that resident, supporting the whole person. We focus on what the resident can still do, and design programs and care around that to provide satisfying experiences, promote independence, and encourage positive behavior while maintaining respect and dignity.

Dining experience path Meals and snacks present six daily opportunities, seven days a week to reminisce, create new memories, maximize independence, and promote socialization, all in an inviting environment

Life engagement path includes scheduled programs that support the whole person. Our program allows residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementias to function at their highest potential, giving them a sense of purpose and well-being.

Team promise path focuses on developing our care partners through ongoing education and training.

Meridian Senior living takes care of 2,500 memory care residents in their 88 memory care communities.

Download the Montessori Memory Care brochure here.