Meridian Senior Living
Re•fl ec•tions n.
Careful or long consideration or thought.

Meridian Senior Living Reflections program was designed for early stage memory loss. The thoughtful specialized programming for Reflections focuses on novel and complex thinking using both hemispheres of the brain to bring out the creative right hemisphere of the brain with the analytical, logical left hemisphere.

The brain, if stimulated with novel and complex thinking, can continuously develop throughout life! Activities that involve problem-solving and complex tasks help stimulate the aging brain.

In Reflections, residents will benefit from group formalized programming such as:

  • Memories with the arts
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Cultural field trips
  • Community volunteering and outreach
  • Qigong (Chinese system of physical exercises and controlled breathing similar to Tai Chi)
  • Continuing education
  • International programming

Reflections embraces the multiple benefits of group programs to encourage participation and stimulate cognition.