Meridian Senior Living
Revolution In Motion

A groundbreaking movement program designed to keep you physically active while enhancing your neurological health.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased agility
  • Decreased fall risk
  • Increased cognitive function

Compared to the fountain of youth, RevInMo increases agility, decreases fall risk and increases cognitive function. RevInMo trains barefoot on unstable surfaces using a neurologically activating series of exercises that are novel, playful and transformative. The emphasis on foot strength and ever changing movement energizes the entire nervous system, harmonizing communication between brain and muscles. You can experience dramatic improvements in strength, speed and flexibility. Participants report feeling stronger, more capable, experience better memory and recall, and even sleep better. Ask about RevInMo classes available at select Meridian Senior Living communities.

A Image of Doctor Edythe

“I’ve spent a lifetime studying muscles and movement and how the body fits together. It’s my passion. Just by watching someone walk, I can immediately see what’s not working and how to correct it.” — Dr. Edythe

Dr. Heus began her career as a chiropractor, specializing in kinesiology. As she diagnosed, tested and treated hundreds of patients, patterns emerged. These patterns, along with shortcomings she saw in exercise programs, inspired Dr. Heus’ breakthrough concept of Revolution in Motion.

Over three decades of practice, Dr. Heus refined her exercises into sequences of neurologically activating movements that retrain the brain, as well as the body.

Dr. Heus’ exercises challenge the notion of ‘getting fit.’ Gone are the grueling sessions and repetitious moves. Dr. Heus’ exercises are deceptively playful yet satisfy her clients’ senses and engage their nervous systems with novelty – all without lifting more than 10 pounds. Most important, Dr. Heus’ exercises consistently achieve extraordinary results for her patients.

Offered at:

|The Reserve at East Longmeadow |