Getting Started

Making that first step towards living your moment with Meridian

At Meridian, we understand how difficult it can be to take that first step in making a decision towards the future care of your loved one. That’s why we have provided some resources to help guide you through the often-confusing journey.

What are the signs that my loved one is ready for assisted living?

This question is painstakingly difficult for families. Psychologist Rita Vasquez, M.A. explains the six signs that it’s the right time: aggression, caregiver stress, escalating care needs, home safety, sundowning, and wandering on A Place for Mom’s Senior Living Blog here.

How do I talk to mom and dad about moving?

Being prepared is the first step in initiating the conversation. Consider preparing the following items for your discussion: a list of concerns for your aging parent, learn senior care options, understanding the location and environment of the options, and gathering community information (but don’t overload). After doing your homework, and you are ready to tackle the conversation, think of some open-ended questions on how to start it. Questions like, “Do you feel safe living alone in your home?,” “Would you like to spend more time with others your own age,?” or “Do you worry about driving?.” Try to talk in person, show empathy, give your parent time to make a decision, and plan to talk many times again. Slow and steady… make this a voyage of discovery.

Is senior living right for me or my loved one?

Families weigh whether it is feasible and cost effective with an in-home option or if it will be a more fulfilling, healthier life to move to a senior community where meals, amenities, and social programs are provided. Residents at Meridian Senior Living stay socially engaged and connected.

Another consideration is that community living provides an environment for residents to stay socially connected and feel more engaged resulting in seniors that are happier and another benefit: healthier. The New England Journal of Medicine in 2010 published how seniors who enjoy the right leisure activities with friends and loved ones have been associated with a lower risk of dementia. Residents at Meridian Senior Living have a plethora of specialized programs and engaging activities offered every day, there’s always something fun to do – with interesting people who share your passions and staff dedicated to ensuring residents have all they want and everything they need

Which senior living option is right for me or my loved one?

When seniors and their loved ones think about the future and which specific needs will change as they age, there are factors to consider in helping determine the optimal living option. Consider future care, where you want to live and social opportunities in making a decision. Meridian Senior Living offers varying levels of care in most regions of the country with engaging social activities.

Let us be your partner in helping you find personalized solutions for your needs.

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