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COVID-19 National Update - March 17, 2020

Meridian Senior Living continues to actively monitor the COVID-19 pandemic with our No. 1 priority being the safety and health of our residents and employees. Based on new information and guidelines from the CDC and government health experts, we have implemented special precautions, in addition to our stringent Infection Control measures. As states and health departments implement state-specific procedures and mandates, families should consult the Executive Director of your community for any policies, in addition to the below mentioned actions, that may be in effect at your community.

The below precautions are implemented in all Meridian Senior Living communities:

1. Prohibiting all non-essential visits to the community unless approved by Executive Director.

2. Implementing a new mandatory sign-in protocol for approved visitors, based on a CDC-recommended questionnaire.

3. Placing signage at all entrances of the community that asks every visitor to help us protect the health of our residents by postponing their visit if they have or have been in contact with someone with a fever, cough, or other respiratory symptoms during the past three weeks.

4. Asking staff members with respiratory symptoms or fever to stay at home.

5. Ongoing review and re-training of infection control procedures with all staff and residents.

6. Continuing to educate and encourage residents to wash their hands.

7. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at various locations in the community.

8. Following enhanced cleaning procedures with disinfectants, focusing on wiping down surfaces that are commonly touched.

9. Observing residents daily for symptoms of a respiratory infection and following the evaluation and treatment protocols recommended by the CDC and public health officials.

10. Banning the admittance of any new resident who has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

11. Postponing resident field trips to enclosed public spaces.

12. Requiring vendors, service personnel, and third-party providers not to enter our communities should they have health issues based on our CDC sign-in questionnaire.

We thank our communities and families for their understanding during this time. It is important that we work together in the best interest of our residents.